employment_art_seftThe Pacific Northwest is not prepared for an inevitable Cascadia subduction zone earthquake and tsunami.  It is our historic responsibility to help our public and private sectors build their capacities for a rapid response and recovery.  With this strategic mission in mind, SEFT has already made tremendous strides in advancing our region’s resilience through research, planning, engineering study, and design of buildings and infrastructure systems.   We are looking for passionate engineers who are interested in joining us to help design and build a safer and more resilient Pacific Northwest.



Job Title: Designer, Design Engineer, Project Engineer

Job Description:  SEFT Consulting Group is a growing, small consulting firm located in Beaverton, Oregon, a west side suburb of Portland.  SEFT offers our clients structural solutions to mitigate seismic risk for critical buildings and lifeline infrastructure systems through expert services in seismic evaluation and retrofit, performance-based design, resilience planning, and practical implementation of analytical and experimental research.   

SEFT is looking for an energetic entry to mid-level team member that enjoys working on a wide variety of unique and challenging projects.  Applicants should have earned a Master’s Degree or PhD in Structural Engineering from an institution with an ABET accredited undergraduate degree program in Civil/Structural Engineering and be committed to life-long learning.  Applicants should hold a PE or SE license in Oregon, Washington, or California, commensurate with experience level.  This position requires an individual that is passionate about structural engineering and is self-driven with the ability to work independently.  Applicants must also have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.  SEFT offers flexible work hours, competitive salary and benefits, and opportunities for profit sharing.

If you are interested in joining our team to help design a safer and more resilient Pacific Northwest, please send your resume and cover letter to SEFT Consulting Group at: info@seftconsulting.com