Conversation for Resilient Schools

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A mega Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake will inevitably strike Oregon someday.  “Are my children safe?” It’s a thought that crosses the mind of many parents when they drop their kids off at school.  Some parents in Eugene feel that the time has come to have a comprehensive community conversation about the earthquake resilience of Eugene’s schools.   Schools are distributed in our communities, and walkable from homes nearby. “If communities choose to build their schools with recovery in mind, they can build school buildings to not only protect our children but also have the potential to serve as excellent emergency shelters after a mega quake.”  says Kent Yu, SEFT’s Principal.  A paper co-authored by SEFT engineers showed that a safer, more resilient school can be achieved with very small increase of the initial construction costs.  Read the paper and learn more here at Eugene Weekly

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Resilient Schools Through Leadership and Community Engagement